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We started fawn.me.uk with the express intention of assisting marijuana seed buyers in their decision. Buying cannabis seeds is not an easy task. There are a host of things to consider, before you decide which seeds you should buy. There are dozens of strains of cannabis seeds to begin with. Then you have to decide whether you want to get feminized seeds, or just go with the normal ones. Similarly, deciding where to buy from, whom to buy from, and other such decisions should be taken after due diligence.

Our objective is to make your lives easier, and share the common goodness of enjoying the great plant that is marijuana. At fawn.me.uk, you can learn highly reliable information on everything that you need to know about buying cannabis seeds. Whether it is about the seller websites, strains, brands, individual sellers or something else, we bring to you the most reliable information and honest reviews to help you in the buying process. fawn.me.uk is a creation of marijuana lovers, who have been smoking, cooking, and growing marijuana for more than a decade now.

We bring all those years of knowledge and experience to share with you in the form of honest reviews of different cannabis seeds, sellers and websites and tutorials on how to buy the best weed seeds, among other things. Whether you are looking to buy the seeds for cooking, or for growing, our reviews and tutorials will go a long way in making your life easier. Every time you buy weed seeds, you need not go out there in the dark and buy low quality seeds from just anyone. Just follow our reviews, and you will get the best quality products from the most trusted sources.



Buying marijuana seeds is not an easy task. You have to consider a range of factors before you make your final purchase. If you are new to the whole "online weed seed buying" thing, then this guide serves as your starter kit to get you going. If you have already bought weed seeds before, then too, this guide will help you get the best quality seeds from the best sellers. Be sure to consider the following factors before you purchase cannabis seeds online.

Legal Nature

Consumption, possession, and growing marijuana are illegal in a number of countries. However, the punishment varies from one geography to another. In some places you may be fined and let go, in others, you may face a prison sentence. Some governments are lenient towards possession of marijuana in small quantities, and bring heat on you only if you are found in possession of large marketable volumes of marijuana. So, make sure to check the stance of your government before you go and purchase marijuana seeds. For instance, suppose you will be fined the same amount of money for possession of 1 cannabis seed, as you would be for 50. Then, it makes more sense to buy 50. Also, we recommend not to buy marijuana seeds if it is illegal in your region.


There are hundreds of weed strains available in the market. Each strain comes with its set of properties - appearance, smell, medical benefits, and so on. If you are looking for medical purposes, some strains are more potent for particular maladies such as Chocolate Chunk Marijuana is good against anxiety, Blueberry Marijuana is good against pain relief. Then there are aromatic strains such as Blue Mystic. If you do not know where to start, then buy a strain that is easy to grow, has less aroma, and quite potent, such as the Northern Lights.

Gardening Requirement

Once you buy weed seeds and start cultivating them, they may take anywhere between 4 to 12 months to fully develop and flower, depending on the type of strain. So, ask yourself how many months you are ready to wait for your own pot. But, what matters more is how much of an expert gardener are you. You see, some strains require little to no gardening skills to cultivate. You get the weed seeds and after some basic research online, you will be set. Feminized seeds are the easiest to cultivate, and require least maintenance. However, if you are looking for some great yield quality and quantity, then be ready to put in some serious gardening efforts, and purchase seeds that are known for high yield.

Online Weed Seed Shop

There are many online vendors of cannabis seeds, who ship from locations as varied as the USA, Canada, Netherlands, U.K., and so on. You will incur international shipping costs if you go for vendors that are located outside your country. Sometimes, this cost can be quite high, and if you wish to save money on shipping, buy from a vendor in your own country, if available.

While shipping costs are important, the most important criteria for choosing a vendor is its reliability and reputation. There are many online vendors who allow users to review their purchases, rate the seeds, and share their experiences on their website. Look for such customer reviews before making any decision. If such information is not available on the website, then do some research online to check whether someone has shared their experience with the seller. Moreover, it is always better to check where the vendor has obtained the seeds from. Whether they are getting them from reputable breeders, which generally has an effect on the quality of seeds. Some vendors go to the extra mile to grow their own strains in-house. This way, they have better control over the quality of seeds, and you only need to check for the vendor's reputation before you make the purchase. Remember, you may not always find all the strains with every vendor.

Payment Methods

In a number of countries, it is not possible to make purchases using credit cards and debit cards. In some countries, even cash cards are not valid for making international purchases. In such cases, you can either go pay using PayPal or Bitcoin. Many vendors accept PayPal as a mode of transaction, but not all of them.

Bitcoin has gained prominence only recently and there are many advantages to it. Every transaction you ever make using bitcoin is absolutely untraceable, and nobody can know what you purchased, or how much, for that matter. If discretion is your priority, then bitcoin should be your choice of currency. Bitcoins are easy to purchase, and if you wish to trade bitcoins to get back your money, then you can do so with the least of efforts.


The online weed seed sellers may not always ship to your location. Some sellers ship worldwide except for a couple of countries, some are limited to European Union only, some sellers ship to very few specific countries, and so on. Make sure the vendor with whom you are making the purchase, ships to your location. Furthermore, some sellers provide additional service of inconspicuous packaging. They send your weed seeds such that the packaging does not raise your mailman's or your peeping neighbor's eyebrows.

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